Thoughts on a Wednesday

  • I was just sitting minding my own business when my eyes started to burn and tear, nose started to run. I either had COVID-19 or pollen was swirling around me. I bet on the latter. Here in South Carolina, Summer rolls in fecund with with life … including masses of pollen. I normally can handle this well enough even without drugging myself with antihistamines … I am one of those persons that hate taking any medicine as I dislike the effects they give. The major downside lately is when I cough .. I stop .. thinking .. is it the virus? I have never been a hypochondriac but ..
  • I was out yesterday paying my water bill and stopped by Dave’s Place as I saw Dave and Bob sitting outside talking .. and keeping social distance. We talked for a bit and found that Dave is opening his outside dining area (tables 8 feet apart) tomorrow. I have SERIOUS doubts there will be room for even a small percentage of customers once the word gets out. While sitting there, the ‘Cafe Cat’ TT came up to say hello and I gave her some scritches. Made life much better.
  • Sitting here having finished a second cup of coffee and contemplating a third with a CAD file loaded into CHitubox in one screen and a YouTube video series on using the program running on the second monitor. I downloaded and installed the program last night but I need a clear head .. or .. as clear as mine ever gets to make sense of everything.
  • I stopped to post this to the blog .. and created a header for these (and future) Musings.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on a Wednesday”

    1. Good morning Phillip. Meh .. I am usually pretty blasé about such things .. heck my strongest drug is aspirin .. but lately with the Zombie Apocalypse .. umm .. COVID-19 aka the Kung-Flu .. I am a bit less so.

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