Switching out IPA for Degreaser

In my blog post titled Alternatives to IPA for cleaning resin prints I mentioned that I couldn’t find any of the products used in the test. I manged to find a gallon of “Zip Heavy Duty Citrus Degreaser” to try.

Quick answer is .. yes it works .. but ..

I have the Prusa CW1 .. this is a Washer, Dryer and Curing machine .. all in one. The problem I ran into with using the ZIP product is that .. the way the CW1 washes is there is a plastic magnetized agitator that you drop into the bottom of the washing tank. The platform below the tank spins which in turn spins the agitator in the dank. Cool. The problem I ran into was that the agitator floats in the ZIP degreaser. That means .. I drop the agitator into the tank pour in the ZIP product and the agitator immediately floats to the surface. My *assumption* is that the Specific Gravity of IPA is such that when you use it the agitator stays on the bottom of the tank.

To make it work I had to drop the agitator into the tank, put the tank into the CW1 where the platform grabs the agitator to hold it in place. Now … I could pour the degreaser into the tank and everything worked fine. I hit the button to clean the prints .. and the machine starts to sound a bit like a miniature washing machine.

The degreaser works great .. which is really important since I don’t have much IPA and doubt I will get more any time soon. I just have to have my steps laid out to use the degreaser rather than IPA.

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