Supported Surface in a Print

Question for FDM guys ..Printing something and the surface of an overhang that requires supports is very rough. Normally it is not that much of a ‘thing’ but would be nice if smoother .. in this case. What I am looking for are settings to make that surface better .. I know you can do this in settings for the top and bottom surfaces .. but what about the.. ummm .. surface printed over the supports?

I have both the PrusaSlicer and Cura slicers

Ok. Did some research and found a YouTube video – Seems I need to focus on Support Density, Support Z Distance in Cura .. possibly Support Top Distance too.
I didn’t find the ‘exact’ settings .. I am using Cura 4.5 .. but what appears to be the same area.Increased Support Density from 15 to 20 and checked ‘Enable Support Roof’ (that was a .. huh .. why not?)
So .. here is what I got. This is part of an O scale Storm Drain .. the short ‘risers’ sit on the larger box which has the drainage pipe running into it .. the risers are of varying heights to fit each location. On the left is the first print without any supports at all. In the center with supports but it still will not fit the larger box. On the right with the tweaks above. Fits PERFECTLY. Sweet.

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