Chair Fastening

A couple of different chair fastenings is illustrated in the drawing on the left in blue. The version on top is more clear while the one of the bottom is more of the design I am working on. The upper version is pretty self-evident – a strap holding the larry rail in gauge. The lower version has ‘some kind’ of devices fastening the cross-rails and larry rail together.

Here’s a example of chairs used to fasten a rail to a wooden tie
Here’s Version 1 for a chair-fastening system. This seems to me to be reasonably simple in design – just how well it can be translated into 1:48 .. I’ll leave for later. This is at least a starting point.
I may be able to make this .. the top portion for example that clamps the Code 100 rail has to fit around the rail base while the part that clamps around the Code 125 rail fits up under the head. I may .. be able to lay some sandpaper against the rail and then rub styrene against that form to get the shapes needed.
With 16 ovens, there will be 32 cross-rails .. each of those with two of these so I would need 64 chairs. It might be sensible to get a couple good ones and cast copies.
Well. This is the actual design I cam up with. I uploaded it to Shapeways .. ummm .. 72 pieces I think. The idea is that I can slip the two pieces from either sides and locking them together. Shapeways accepted the mesh .. which is ok. If and when it goes successfully to the printer .. then we will see.

Soldering ..

Here we go – the larry track soldered together .. more or less. The less part comes in where I wiggle the cross-rails. They are either soldered solidly .. or loose. If loose will solder again. Sooner or later (most likely).
The next thing after that will be to file off all the excess solder. That will take a while I imagine as I am pretty sloppy with my soldering.

Sometimes it’s necessary to drop back and punt. I finally did a little research on the net and discovered (as I had come to suspect) that trying to solder steel using regular solder just doesn’t work that well. I went to Radio Shack while ago and picked up a roll of silver solder. See how that works.

It’s ALIVE!!

The last time I posted to this thread was in February 2013 .. over two years ago. Finally going to re-start the project.

I posted this sometime after February 2015 … some five years ago :/

Discovered (Duh!) that I can order lengths of Code 125 track from Fast Tracks. They sell Micro Engineering Code 125 in 36″ lengths and to top it off is Nickel Silver. So.

The coke ovens are 40″ long. The cross-rails are spaced 1-1/2″ apart with each rail 3-7/8″ long. That means I can get 9 cross-rails from each 36″ long piece of rail. 40 / 1.5 = 26.6 cross-rails .. orrrr .. 3 ea 36″ rails.

I was happy .. until I saw that the minimum order is 66. Well. Shoot.

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