Brickwork Inserted

A close-up showing the oven faces inserted into the structure. Those ovens that had complete or partial brick filling the opening I modeled on the workbench and then inserted. At this point I haven’t mortared the bricks into the stone wall yet.

You can just see the surface of the wharf which is supposed to represent gravel and small pieces of coke.

I pulled back a bit with the camera here to show half the ovens.

You also have a good view of the wharf and my coke gondola that I was in the middle of modifying.

There are quite a few months between this photo and the last. The ladder propped up on one side is there .. just for a place to put it. There needs to be a ladder but long enough for the workers to get to the top. They have to be able to cover and uncover the charging ports.

The critter is pulling the now completed coke gondola away with a load. In the distance a lone worker is raking coke from an over.

A close-up of my coke puller .. without his coke rake. When I took the modules to the Narrow Gauge Convention last year he had his rake .. it vanished somewhere in between.

You can see the charging ports on top. The next step is to build the larry track. The larry will travel back and forth over the ovens and charge the ovens via the charging ports with 5-6 tons of coal. The coal will be transferred to the larry from a coal tipple at the far left end of the coke oven bank.

I am transcribing this article from my old website using the cached pages via the Internet Archive service. So if you see this .. then it is not finished yet so check back.

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