Used DAP Lightweight Spackle for mortar. Pretty simple .. wipe on .. wipe off (ok .. almost that easy).

This is interesting stuff. Regular Spackle is more like a plaster. This Lightweight Spackle actually is more like spreading whipped creme. A little water and it thins nicely.

I used the fancy application device to apply the Spackle to the wall. “No worries” .. just swiped it on.
A brush dipped in water helps push into the stonework.
Wiped off the face of the stonework with a cotton wad, leaving the Spackle in the crevices.
With the water and a brush I kept wiping across the face of the stonework .. wiping with the cotton .. back and forth until satisfied. What I was trying was to get the Spackle down in the crevices but off of the rock faces.


This was ‘finished’ as far as the mortar being finished. I came back later with washes etc. but .. heck .. that’s ‘assumed’ .. I assume.

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