Sculpey stone

Stonework underway. The ‘stone’ is made from Sculpey. I used a piece of dowel to roll out Sculpey between two pieces of stripwood. This gave me the same thickness on all my ‘stone’. I then took a piece of Red Lava Rock (from my landscaping in my yard) and pressed it into the clay to give it a texture. I then baked it and cut the resulting sheet into strips.

Coloring was a mix of AI and acrylic washes. I mixed together all the different colors, tones, sizes etc. and randomly attached them to the structure with white glue.

Getting Stoned

I started to glue the stone to the warf face. I used something called “Crafter’s Pick” .. advertised as a “Water-based Super Glue. Adheres to Metals, Plastics, Glass & More!“. It worked .. but I am pretty sure it is either an acrylic caulk or something very similar. It would be cheaper to buy the caulk but this was in a little squeeze bottle so all was good.

I have to say up front .. this was NOT a one night project. By the time I glued on the last piece I was about as close to stark raving mad as is possible .. I think.

Fitting the stone around the brick oven castings was pretty simple as I just held them in place until they stuck and then sorted through my ‘stones’ slowly fiting each stone around them. Occasionally some trimming was required .. no that big a thing .. this IS clay after all.
.. and the madness continued. I must say .. that placing the coke oven bank on a small folding table .. and then putting the table next to the computer helped a lot. I could work on something .. turn and glue on a few stones .. and turn back to whatever I was doing online. Beer helped too.

Looking at the faux stones today I am still happy with how well they came out and I think I would do it the same way.

A close-up of the stone around one of the ovens. I was pretty much trying for a random placement of the stone. Where it didn’t line up exactly, left gaps and spaces .. I just let it go. I would come back with smaller stones to fill in.This oven you may notice is blocked off. This is one of several that were bricked up .. meaning that the coking process was still ongoing.
Here’s the structure with all of the stones applied. The next step would be mortaring the joints between the blocks.Up above the On18 line is nothing more then some track laid across the rocks there.

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