Slicing and Dicing

Had the two walls and the base cut from .040-in Styrene .. twice .. laminated so I had .080 in thick pieces. The .040 in Styrene appeared .. flimsy. My purpose in using Styrene was that I could be more precise in cutting/snapping.

Update: If I were to do this today I would use rigid PVC plastic ceiling tile. I found this at Lowes. It is about 3/16″ thick and can be bought in 24″ sq. or 24″ x 48″. Finding glue is as simple as walking over to the isle for PVC pipe. It is easy to cut, rigid, glues .. all in all an excellent product to model with.

I thought that the vertical separators could be made using foam board. The pros: I had a couple sheets of the black Foam Core board. The cons: you can’t get it wet. I thought about it though .. the ovens themselves would be cast from plaster. You can’t get that wet either. So. I thought the internal structure .. the vertical division .. the horizontal surfaces that the plaster oven castings would sit on .. could be made from the Foamcore. Driving this was that I was running out of Styrene!

Again .. if I did this again I would use the rigid PVC

The “ties” sitting on the stone blocks are 85 lb rail. Cool.

One of the interesting things I found out researching for the Coke Ovens is that the rail that will lay across these “ties” was wide gauge (at least for the center dump larrys).

I thought I would generate a Sketchup model of what the finished Coke Oven bank might look like.

Creating division walls

Snapped this photo of the pieces that will divide up the ovens. The Front and Rear of the bank is cut from Styrene as is the base. You can see them .. they white strips on the desk. I am holding up one of the black Foamcore dividers .. the long side (bottom) will glue to the base. The slanted sides will have the styrene sides glued to them. There will be one divider between each oven.

There would be a horizontal “platform” between each vertical divider. The plaster casting of the brick-work would sit on this ‘platform’.


I produced this graphic when getting read to start gluing in the vertical dividers. I had to mark off where they go on the base first so I just printed this off.

It’s amazing to me that people have this free program .. Sketchup .. and fail to make use of it as a tool. I just don’t get it.

adding Dividers

Early in-progress shot showing the foam dividers between each of the future Coke Ovens. I just used my hot-glue gun for this.

.. another reason to go with the rigid PVC which would be much easier

Front face and wharf

Finally starting to look like a coke oven bank. The Styrene face is attached to the foam dividers and then foam board used to mock up the wharf.

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