The Brick Mercantile

This old shaped little building from Clever Models caught my attention. This is the building as you see on the website built as designed.

Print and Cut

I decided to follow my usual process and create a sub-structure of foam board, gluing the printed walls to the board. I don’t have to worry about the corners as the kit comes with appliques of brick for the corners – I will thicken these Quoins so they extend past the wall – this will cover any joint errors. So – I simply started by cutting through the kit fold lines for the walls. There was a small tab of brick on the side walls representing the depth of that false front wall. I am going to remove that part of the structure.

Looking at the four walls: On the left is the wall that will fully face the layout aisle. No windows to cause any problems. This is the side that the kit has an exterior staircase. I haven’t decided if I will add that or not (I didn’t) . The narrow front has a window and door which I will have to build up. The right side of the building with the one window will be hidden so that will be left ‘as is’. Finally, the rear with the window and large roll-up door .. I’m not sure yet. I think it will be hidden.

Black Foam Board

I’ve had problems trying to align pre-cut paper/cardstock and Foam Board before. To get around that I made the Foam Board oversize so I wouldn’t have problems with trying to align edges – just glue and trim off the excess later.

No real reason to use Black Foam Board really since nothing of the Foam Board will show but I think for me it is just an aesthetic thing when working with the material.

Slicing up the Back

The back wall. I filled in the window opening with brick .. did a quick wash to change the color a bit. The kit as it comes has the roll-up door with bits that fold up to recess the door. The channel header is flat. I sliced through above and below the header and then along the sides of the door.

The plan is was to glue the pieces to a piece of foam core so I can could recess the header and door and make everything nice and sturdy.

Note: If I were to do this again I would move the large door to the left a bit. I found out that I will be cutting into the Quoin on the corner. No biggie but just saying ..

Note: One of the nice things about working with a cardstock/Foam Board structure like this is that you can modify to your heart’s content between printing as many times as you need for ‘parts’ and the ease with which you can cut the material

So. Here the upper section and the pieces on either side of the door to some Foamcore. I used the header and door to align the pieces along with the two side walls.

The wall on the left with the window won’t be seen at all so I won’t bother doing anything to it.

The back wall with the header and door will receive more attention since this will be seen easily. The narrow front will also receive attention but won’t require the attention the back door will as it will only be seen with difficulty.

Note: If I were going to do this again I would mirror the two side walls so the window would be on the side showing.

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