Setting up my Prusa SL1 for it’s first print


  • Calibration .. again .. as I had moved the printer to it’s permanent location – Check
  • Connect the printer to my network via the built in Wi-Fi
  • Oh .. download and install Firmware update – Check!
  • Ready .. pour resin into tank – Check
  • Next .. fumbling around I get a message that Calibration isn’t done. ??? .. oh .. yeah .. Firmware update .. so ….
    Calibration … again … Check
  • No Network? Ahh .. (Grrrr) Firmware update .. connect the Network .. and this time APPLY.
    Print … ??? No example files. Fumbler through the menus .. nadda. Dang!
  • Goto to Prusa to download example files (like … if you DELETED the examples .. or .. they got eaten by the .. who know ..
  • I attempt to download a Calibration print to the USB drive I stuck in the USB port. Nadda. Nothing. It keeps telling me to “Insert a DISK in the removeable drive. WTF?
  • I download the file to the Hard rive for later
  • Try to examine the USB .. drive. Ahhh. NOT … a USB drive .. a multi-card READER that looks like a USB drive and plugs into the USB port. *sigh*
  • USB drive .. where the heck is it? Spend the next ½ hour looking everywhere. No USB drive. DAMN!
  • Sit down at my computer and glace over at the tray on the side of the computer .. and raise up a bit to see the USB in the tray. *sigh*
  • I copy the file to the USB drive.
  • I go to the printer and insert the USB drive into the printer’s USB port.
  • Print — . .nadda. No example files found.
  • I go through settings to look .. is there a transfer from the USB .. ahhh .. in settings .. “Download Examples files from the network ……………………..
  • Download Example files ….
  • Hit .. Print .. and .. PRINTING!!!
  • Insert the USB drive into the computer’s USB port.
  • Open up file manager .. can’t access the USB drive .. it has ERRORS
  • Repair errors on the drive

Sheesh …

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