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I wanted to play around with using a caboose ground throw at this location. This is a Peco On30 switch – I find that moving from using the throw from HO to O scale gives a 55% decrease in visual size .. making the throw much more in scale … as it were.

Throw Support V1

I used DOW styrofoam Blue Board under all of the track. This is great for constructing scenery support but may prove difficult when you need to attach things like a ground throw. To overcome that possibility I decided to actually attach to a wood dowel (Lowes).

Cutting Ties

I sliced off the ends of the ties on either side of the throw-bar to add longer ties. This was the first time I ever actually had the chance to use the X-Acto knife saw blade.

Block Glued V1

I used white glue to secure the wood block in place in the foam (Turbo Tacky Glue). Normally white glue doesn’t work very well with foam but in this instance works great since it is open to the air so will dry.

Head Block Ties V1

This is one of those “picture is worth a thousand word” things. The Head Block ties need to be wider to match the Peco ties in place .. I got the color matched pretty nicely but .. yeah .. width need to be addressed. It was at this point that I also noticed the ends of the ties hangin in the air .. more on that n a bit.

Caboose Ground Throw mod

I slightly modified the throw by cutting through the base on either side where normally a screw goes. I used a soldering iron and bits that I had cut off to fill in the hole. Finally I drilled two holes on either side for mounting pins.


Looking at three different pins I picked up at the sewing section at Walmart. Which one you depends on what you get your hands on and things like nuts used .. meaning .. it ‘depends’ so what hole size you drill for example ‘depends’.

Pinning to block Ties

With the grund throw in position I drilled completely through the Head Block Ties .. it was at this point it occured to me that the fancy shmancy mounting block I had glued in place .. was not being used. Oops.

Nuts and Bolts

At this time you could still purchase laser cut items from Vector Cut. I used Dave’s (Dave Krakow) hex shapes with hole in center to convert the top of the cut-off pins to NBW.

This is as far as I got with .. call it .. V1 ..

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