Prusa SL1 Calibration Prints

Ran the calibration print .. came out GREAT!! It prints 8 of the same object and you can adjust the exposure time for each print. Default starts with a 5 sec exposure and advances 1 second so you have 6 seconds for the second, then 7 seconds for the third all the way to 12 seconds for the 8th. You then examine each print very VERY closely to see which exposure time is best for THIS particular resin and then you set that time for that resin. Tomorrow .. I will use my macro lens on my camera to get up close and personal.

4 thoughts on “Prusa SL1 Calibration Prints”

  1. The manual says to use IPA to clean everything on the printer .. EXCEPT .. for the FEP film at the bottom of the tank. There you are instructed to manually clean the surface with the plastic spatula and paper towels then warm water with dish soap. It worked but the film is not as clear as from new before that first print.

    I did due diligence .. meaning I googled “Cleaning SL1 FEP” and found some threads on the subject. Seems that FEP is not affected by IPA but the reason for not using it has to do with adhesion. It seems that some people have had problems with initial prints sticking to the FEP film. Using warm water and dish washing soap evidently cleans well enough … but not too well .. so the FEP film is a bit less ‘sticky’.

    I did notice that the film wasn’t as clear as before. They say that doesn’t affect the prints .. I will hold that in mind and see how true that is in the future. I will though consider alternate methods than using a paper towel as that is rather abrasive. I think that using a soft brush might work better to reduce micro-scratching of the film.

  2. A quick and dirty look at the eight prints which range from a 5 second exposure time on the far left all the way to a 12 second exposure time on the far right. They look pretty much the same to my naked eye so time to pull out the Macro lens for my camera and “Get up close and personal”

    1. Comparing the 5 second exposure to the 12 second exposure of the back. Honestly .. about all I can say is .. the 5 second looks good .. the 12 .. *perhaps* a bit overexposed

    2. Comparing the 5 second exposure to the 12 second exposure of the front. Hard to say .. the cones are a bit better with the 12 second exposure.

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