There are many ways to create a backdrop. I made an attempt to paint clouds .. ok .. multiple attempts .. mostly without any success. I ended up with just a thin wispy suggestion of clouds and left it with that. I did print most of everything not sky. The portion of the backdrop that is a city I printed on a cheap Cannon printer. The long section with a lake and hills and trees I had printed at a local UPS store. This is about that.

You can click any of the photos to the left to get a larger one open up in a new window.

My layout is very, very small being simply an L-Shape shelf(ish) layout measuring about 44″ x 84″ on the inside of the L and 24″ deep. Originally the long side were two On30 modules.

In the photo you can see the Coke Ovens where were the centerplace of the modules with a single siding to service the ovens. While this looked fine it offered no operation to speak of so the decision was made to remove it and replace with track for switching. I also removed the cliff from the left side of the bridge on the On18 line behind the ovens..

60 inches to play with

So now I had this 60 inches .. five feet to fill with backdrop. You can see that the ‘sky’ is simply a blue background with a haze of white for clouds. Like I said earlier this came about simply because I was not satisfied with attempts at clouds.

Eyeballing what I had I decided that the backdrop could be 12″ maximum height. This wasn’t anything complicated but simply closing one eye, squinting and holding up a thumb.

Overhead View

From above we can easier see what I am working with. The five foot space is shown and just to the left the On18 track crosses a bridge over the river. I called this the “Procrastination Bridge” due to creating the bridge literally at the last minute before leaving the next morning for the 2011 Narrow Gauge Convention in Hickory, North Carolina. I cover this in some detail in “On18 Concrete Bridge“.

The point being that I had previously created a small backdrop just for the area showing behind the bridge.

Fontana Lake

I found it amusing that I found a photograph of a lake online .. liked it ..downloaded it and made some minor changes and then took it to get printed at my local UPS store. I needed it to be about 21″ x 8″ to fit on the wall behind the bridge .. and above the dam so that the ends could not be seen. They printed it out on Tyvek .. a high-density polyethylene fiber. It is used everywhere .. for example the disposable white painter’s jumper – and to replace paper. I used 3M 77 spray glue to attach to the wall after cutting the sky from the print.
I said I found it amusing .. that it wasn’t until later I found that it was a photo of Lake Fontana in North Carolina which I have been to – my sister lives within walk of the lake.

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