Hens Teeth and 3″ Exhaust Vents

I realized quickly that I need to put in an exhaust fan near where my SLA printer is sitting to pull fumes “out and away”. I went to Lowes and bought a Utiltech ventilation fan … spending a little more than I planned for increased CFM and looks.

Then I strolled over to the isle where the ducting for AC/Heat, dryer vents and such. Huh. Nadda. Oh plenty of wall mounted vents for 4″ and 6″ .. but not for the 3″ exhaust vent pipe on the ventilation fan. I strolled back over to where they had the fans and .. ah ha .. there was box containing a ‘kit’ for venting to the outside wall .. and .. yeah .. universal 3″-4″.

That’s when I remembered doing something similar in my shop a while back .. and the problems I had with that install. I had totally forgot.

Don’t get me wrong .. I made it work .. it was just something of a pain .. best I remember. The ‘kit’ has a 3″ to 4″ adapter so you can then use 4″ flexible duct, a wall cap,screws, some foam insulation and zip ties. The problem is that that honking big flexible duct needs to turn 90° from the fan to exit through the wall cap. I would MUCH prefer a 3″ flexible duct but in this case evidently woulds are much like wishes ..

There IS flexible 3″ duct out there. Heck .. Lowest has it .. I can get 3″ x 96″ for about $10 .. so there is that. They also have a 4″ to 3″ duct reducer.Not going back today though .. twice today is enough.

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