No. 6

This was the original design from way back in 2017. Honestly .. I don’t know why I made it this way. With the double-flanges it shows the valve-side flange and the pipe-side flange but with a 1.58 mm hole though the body. That is a 1/16″ hole so my *assumption* (I slept some in the past three years) that I was making this to fit 1/16″ rod. which would be 3″ pipe in O scale and 5.4″ in HO. In O this would be undersized by 1/2″ but pretty close to 5″ in HO.

I .. ummm .. I *think* this was done for Rusty Stumps Scale Models – possibly.

No. 6b

The only thing changed was to add studs to either end of the flanges. The 1.7 mm dia fits the inside ID of Evergreen $224 1/8″/3,3 mm tubing which is 1,8 mm. This was defiantly created to be printed at Shapeways as it is hollow (to save $) – the 0.9 mm hole is actually an escape hole for the support material to drain out of. This means the wall of the stud is only 0.4 mm thick .. a weak point.

I left the valve-stem bracket “as is”. With Shapeways’ Multi-Jet printing system the relatively thin walls caused no problems (apparently).

I say ‘apparently’ as when I attempted to print this on my resin printer those support walls on the valve-stem bracket were too week and broke way to easily.

No. 6c

I thickened the valve-stem bracket and made the model solid.

No. 6c Print

.. and here we go. This is like the third or fourth attempt. I had several failures mostly related to placement (call it PROPER placement) of supports. This came out pretty well.

A closer look along with a handwheel go go with the valves.

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