Bits and Pieces

This rendering of the O scale version which I called a c.1920 Pole Mount Transformer. This was created using general measurements of a standard residential transformer. Some of the early transformers used ribbing to help cool the transformers so I added that for the visual look. A quick look around we see ..

  • Top center of the cover was where the oil was added
  • On either side I have it labeled ‘Bushing Pad’ .. a ‘Bushing’ is the large insulator that receives feed from the high voltage lines. There can be either one or two bushings depending on whether the transformer is wired for single or three phase
  • There are a couple of lifting brackets on either side
  • There are three pads on front for the two hot wires and the neutral
  • Just below those thee pads is the grounding pad for the case. Some transformers use this .. some may not
  • There are two square studs on the back to mount the transformer to the pole
  • Lastly, an oil drain is at the bottom. This was way prior to environmental laws that would make this obsolete ..



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