I downloaded a Nissan emblem from GrabCAD, removed the ‘NISSAN’ lettering so I had a blank emblem to work with. I use “eTraxx” a lot as my internet ‘handle’ so I used that for a test.

I used a ‘Nissan Font’ for this to match the original NISSAN print design.


I used Kerkythea to render the emblem as black or gunmetal with the lettering red.


I used my Prusa FDM printer to create a couple different versions. The gray one is from primer with larger and deeper lettering. The one up front to the left has the letters and depth reduced – the one on the right the same except tested with lower case.


The back of the print has two small sockets to fit the alignment prongs on the bumper.

Test Paint

I did a quick and dirty paint on one emblem. This was printed in PLA which is not resistant to sunlight or much heat but is fine for prototyping.

The FDM printer is also too coarse for the finish I want – the layering is obvious in the photo. I think printing this on a resin printer would give me a master that I could use to make a RTV mold so I could cast a copy in something that would work for use on the car.

Test Fit

A quick placement on the fascia (yes .. needs paint) for a photo op.

Looking at the photo I think that black is too stark .. a gun-metal color might work better.

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